How to download .xap file on windows phone and install without pc

Download .xap file
a.) Open UC browser and download the xap file of whatever the apps/games you want to install. To download .xap file in your phone make sure you open 'speed mode' otherwise it will redirect you to the store app. Speed mode removes all JavaScript and loads only images & texts.
speed mode - uc browser - lumia 535 - bilal hussain
Open speed mode from here.
Search the app/game from search bar
b.) Now search the app/game you want to download. I search for 'Tiny Troops'. It will look as figure.
Download and install manually
c.) Now scroll down and click on the 'Download and install manually'.

save to sd card
d.) It will start the download. Save it to the sd-card.
e.) By default uc browser download all files in 'UCDownload' folder. Open this and move your .xap file to the root folder.
move .xap to root folder
install local apps
f.) Now reboot your device and open store then 'install local apps'

g.) Hurrrraaaaah...... :D You're DONE :p

  • Make sure you disable ‘Set date and time automatically‘ in date+time setting. It occur problem in many regions.
  • You can also install outdated apps. Windows Phone will only update the changed portion of the app and not download the whole app again.
  • You need to have internet connectivity on your phone even if you want to install local apps. The apps are verified to be authentic before installing. This does not consume a lot of data.
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You can comment or mail me if you have any problem regarding installing .xap file on your phone at anytime.

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