LUMIA TIPS WINDOWS PHONE 8.1 Check out the price variations between Official and Windows 10 Beta Store

Nowadays , we are all anxious about Windows 10 . It is surely one of the biggest as well as most incredible Windows releases ever .
Yet is it bugless ? Absolutely no , it is not . Probably the most concerning issue is Store related which is giving many issues to a lot of developers and users . What exactly is the issue ? The new Windows Store doesn’t display genuine prices and descriptions of the applications . If you are a dev and you change the price of your app or the description , will not likely see such variations on the new Store and the same will occur to users that are searching for it . Are you planning a price-cut ? Windows 10 users won’t see it , while Windows 8 .1 users will do .
As you have seen from the pictures above the same app shows different price ranges and descriptions on the two Stores that are currently available to users . The new Store doesn’t exhibit the real ones , but wrong prices which is also charging users for the full-price of applications that are absolutely free ( or discounted ) .
This is happening on both Windows and Windows Phone/Mobile . While on Windows 10 Mobile this thing is not so relevant ( it is still under testing via Windows Insider program ) , what is happening on Windows 10 desktop is very disturbing ( Windows 10 for desktop has been officially out to everyone ) .

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